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Sports Illustrated has a slideshow of ten "Notorious Basebrawls."


I gotta say, I seem to remember when I was a kid seeing many fights far more ferocious than these. Does anybody else recall George Brett being held in foul territory by one guy while another bloodied his face? They should have done more research into the 80s.


Unfortunately, my beloved Cubbies seem to be over-represented, and always on the instigating side. I remember watching in disbelief when Kyle Farnsworth tackled and pummeled Paul Wilson in 2003.

Bonus points to whoever can say what these two pictures have in common.

I should also add that I don't condone physical violence as a way to resolve disputes. Unless the S.O.B. really deserves it.

Hat-tip: BettNet

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Gah! This post looks fine from Mozilla, but now that I see it on Explorer, the pictures cover up half the text of the post.

I'll fix it later. Grrr.....

Thanks, cuz. I had almost forgotten about Robin Ventura getting whupped by Nolan Ryan, who was almost old enough to be his father at the time.

At least Ryan's pummeling of Ventura was somewhat in self defense, whereas Barrett sucker punched AJ just for getting run over.

Fixed the post. Sorry to all who were inconvenienced. But not too sorry, ya know, I do this for free. :)

And hey, I refuse to defend Barrett. As I said, over-represented instigators.

OK so I give up, what do they have in common besides showing a White Sox player about to get punched in the chops?


By the way, the linked SI piece describes it as Ventura getting "a bunch of noogies" from Ryan, which I think is a hilarious description.

It actually reminded me more of cocotassos, which I have no idea if I'm spelling right, but it's OK, because you and my brother are probably the only ones who know what those are anyway.


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