Towards a Christian Humanism


Glenn T. Stanton of Focus on the Family has an excellent piece in Christianity Today calling for development of a Christian Humanism:

We must become students of humanity. We must become humanists: people who are unreservedly committed to human life at its fullest, and people deeply pained by human life at its worst. Yes, someone from the Religious Right said we must become humanists.

I don't primarily mean that the suffering of the modern era should drive us to humanism. As Christ said, the poor will always be among us. Human suffering in all its forms is a tragic reminder of the reality of the Fall. We will only be free when Christ's redemption is complete. However, we must become serious students of humanity because just as the Fall is real, so too is the Incarnation. The Incarnation of the second person of the Trinity—the Son of God leaving his eternal and divine communion with the Father and the Holy Spirit to become flesh and dwell among us—this is what should draw us to the question of what it means to be human in these inhumane times.

I applaud his efforts (as should all Catholics and Christians), and want to point out that the Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II are way out in front on this one.


Second Vatican Council:

Pope John Paul II

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