Sadly, but necessarily, Cubs say goodbye to Patterson


What can a Cubs fan feel upon hearing the news that the Cubs traded Corey Patterson to the Baltimore Orioles for two minor league players but sadness?

Patterson has the tools to be one of the best hitters in the game today. Indeed, we've seen flashes of his potential. Unfortunately, his development with the Cubs organization was radically derailed in 2005, and it has been clear to all observers that he had to go.

Patterson has a chance yet to be great, but not with the Cubs. In 2005, Patterson lost the trust of management, fans and the Chicago media. There's no way he can make that up with Cubs, and so if he's going to be anything in the bigs, it will have to be for somebody else. Even then, there's no guarantee he can do it. He has to make up his mind about what kind of player he wants to be, the Orioles need to respect that decision and use him properly (or persuade him to fulfill the role they have in mind for him), and then Corey has to carry through. His career could easily falter on any of those points.

As for the players they received in return: don't expect to hear their names again. They are mid-level prospects who have not played above A-ball. I may be proved wrong, and would love to be, but the only real upside for the Cubs is beng free of Patterson's $3.5 million contract.

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