The next two weeks

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Well, it looks like next week I'll be splitting time at my jobs, training for the new one while wrapping up things at my old one. I also have two finals - one for the world's worst class and one for Intermediate Accouting, which I learned last night will thankfully not be as hard as I thought, but which will be comrehensive. I haven't taken a comprehensive final in about 4 years.

Oh, and by the way, Mama-Lu could theoretically go into labor any day now. Which reminds me, I also have to give myself a crash refresher course in birth-coaching. The due date is the 19th, which is the day I'm scheduled to start my new job. It is also the Eastern (Ukranian Rite, I believe) feast of St. Boniface, one of our family's dearest patrons.

I, however, was bucking for the 12th as the due date on account of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The name we have picked out for a girl is Maria Regina Caeli Lu-. I commented with Mama-Lu that she should go into labor today (Immaculate Conception) and give birth to a girl on Monday (Our Lady of Guadalupe), then we could name our baby Maria Concepcion Guadalupe Regina Caeli Lu-. Unfortunately, she didn't seem enthusiastic about 96 hours of labor. Some people...

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If you could stretch it to the 13th, perhaps you could have a Lucy Lu-... :)

Ha! Whaddya think Mama-Lu?


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