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Well, it looks like Charlie may have caught the beta strep.

Ishould explain. Jenny is a carrier for beta strep, which from what I understand, is pretty harmless except for newborns. The remedy for this is to get in a couple rounds of antibiotics before the baby is born. With Matthew, since were at the hospital for over 22 hours before delivery, we were able to get in like 5 bags, I think.

Well, things went a lot faster this time, and we had about a half a bag in before Charlie was born. They're not entirely sure he caught it, but he's got high white blood cell counts and really low hemoglobin, so they're going to keep us there until Saturday and they're giving Charlie antibiotics, just in case.

It doesn't seem to be too serious. The staff seem to be on top of everything that happened, and Charlie seems to be doing pretty well. He doesn't have a fever and he's alert and relatively bright eyed for a newborn. Still, nothing puts a damper on the joy of parenthood like seeing your one-day-old hooked up to an IV.

So anyway, can you please pray for my our little Charlie, that he can get better so we can all come home soon?

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I'm praying for your precious little one.

In the love of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,

Will be praying for the little guy.


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