It's official!


Friday I gave my two week notice, sort of...

I'll be staying on where I am now part-time, probably through the spring, which is exactly what I had hoped would happen. I was already planning on not taking classes next semester, so the time will be there. I've long thought my position could easily be done by a part-timer (not the kind of thing you advertise though, ya know?) My boss actually feels the same, and I'm sure she likes the impact it will have on her bottom line. :)

Additionally, Mama-Lu and I spent Saturday setting up an office in the apartment. Much of the work at my current job can be done from home, and now I'll have a place to do it (relativey) undisturbed.

The next 4-5 months will be incredibly busy from me. I'll have two jobs and a new baby. I suspect I'll have little time to blog, but really for a while I've been doing more "linking" then "blogging" anyway.

I'm very excited about this move, and I really think this is best for our family and for me professionally at this time.

Praise God!

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