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Provena hospital is a hot-spot, so I'm bloggin' from our room!

Charlie is asleep next to me and Jenny's taking a nap on the other bed. I like the way this kid lives. He eats and eats and eats, and then sleeps forever. He hasn't cried since a couple hours after birth.

In fact, if I had to sum up his personality in one word from what I've seen so far, it would have to be "low-key." And that's OK by me!

All his tests have been fine so far, and in 24 hours he'll be released. We have to stay for 48 hours after birth because Jenny is a carrier for beta strep, which can be dangerous for newborns.

Matthew is staying with Jenny's mom, and he'll be coming to meet his baby brother tomorrow before we're discharged, and then we'll all go home together.

Besides that, all I have to say is hooray for 4 day weekends and tax exemptions and credits!


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The group B strep thing doesn't necessarily have to mean a prolonged hospital stay - and as your family grows, you might be less and less willing to be there the whole 48 hours.

Yeah, we've talked about that, but this time, it looks like it was good to stay - see latest post.


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