Furcal signs with Dodgers


Sorry, Larry.

So now it seems Hendry is going after Juan Pierre and may trade Todd Walker. NOOOOOOOOOOO. Yes, get Pierre. He is the absolute best we can do for center field/lead-off, but we still need more power, and having Jerry Hairston Jr. at second over Todd Walker is a serious step back in every way.

Right now, the infield looks like this: the corners are anchored with Lee and Ramirez. The center has Walker and Neifi Perez. If we get rid of Walker and start Hairston at second, we better be trading Walker for one of the TWO sluggers we would then need to bring into the outfield. We would be comitting to hairston at lead-off, which is fine if we fill center and right with big bats.

Here's an option: Roger Cedeno is a free agent. We could pick him up as a cheap center field/lead-off man and spend big bucks for a major slugger for right field.

Another option: Kenny Lofton for center field. He's already played for the Cubs, beng part of the Pittsburgh Three that almost got the Cubs to the World Series in '03. Additionally, he's a veteran of the type that Dusty Baker manages so well. With him in center, we could go for a cheaper right fielder, somebody like Preston Wilson or Reggie Sanders.

Through all this, I still have yet to see a name seriously floated for right. Burnitz - who served admirably as the replacement for Sammy Sosa - is gone, and we need somebody serious there.

I'll say it again - if the Cubs don't acquire a productive player for the outfield, we're cooked. It doesn't have to be a star - we've got Lee and Ramirez to hit the homeruns. We just need people to beef up the bottom half of the line-up.

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