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2 pieces of news:

First the good: It looks like the Cubs are going to land Juan Pierre.

Bravo! For once we can count on the tables being set for the big guys.

Now, the bad news: Dusty went to talk to Milton Bradley of the Dodgers to consider him for right field.

All I have to say is... WHAT?!!? Milton Bradley? Are you kidding me? Leave this psychopath where he is!

Does the Cubs management have some kind of love for the Dodgers? First Hendry lets Furcal get away and sign with L.A. and now Dusty wants to relieve them of this high-strung maniac? My heart! AAAHHHHH!

Here's the money quote from Dusty:

"I don't know if I can make a difference. It's a risk," Baker said. "I talked to Manny Mota and talked to some people on the Dodgers, and they said there's a good chance [Bradley] can relate to you and perform.

Oh! The psychopath's current employer thinks he'd fit in somewhere else! Well then, it must be true! Surely they have no motive for getting rid of him.

Tell you what Dusty. I have an old brick here that I think you could really do something with. A little work, some mentoring, and I think this brick would be great in right field for you. You're good with inanimate objects and I think it "can relate to you and perform." Just give me Todd Walker and your top two prospects and $4 million dollars...

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I'm just checking to see if this is the same Papa-Lu from Bell School 95 and U of I. I knew him from Bell and Champaign, and last I heard, he was going to be a priest. If this isn't the same guy, sorry to bother you.

Why yes, Yvette, this is the same person you knew from way back when. What a nice surprise!

Obviously, the priest thing never quite happened... :)


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