Zenit interview with Father Ignacio Larranaga

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"A Society Without God Ends Up as a Society Against Man."

Father Larranaga is the author of an incredible biography of St. Francis: Brother Francis of Assisi. It is a deeply spiritual and deeply psychological work full of insights into Francis' inner life. He also has written a life of Christ and a life of Mary, but I've never been able to get my hands on them.

I don't know too much about the Prayer and Life Workshops he founded, but he outlines them a bit in Transfiguration, a short treatise on prayer. The movement seems to simply be about teaching people to pray--as worthy an apostolate as there can be.

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Cuando nos comunicamos en el idioma de Dios no existe contradiccion, Padre Larranaga expone el Catolicismo haciendo enfasis en la etimologia de su significado: Universal. En verdad, la elocuencia de sus palabras, la forma en que emite el mensaje en sus escritos abarca sin dejar vacios [sin importar religion] el verdadero sentido de relacionarse con Dios.


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