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alicia got me with a somewhat ironic meme in light of the post five down from here.

There's no actual description of the meme, so I guess I'll have to figure it out somehow...

I confess that I enjoy certain morally suspect movies, specifically violent movies, and especially mafia flicks and movies where "the good guys" and "the bad guys" are morally equivalent.

I confess that working with truck drivers makes me swear more.

I confess that I find nothing whatsoever wrong with drinking alone.

I confess to feeling real malice, born of intense jealousy, towards the 2005 Chicago White Sox.

I confess to eating 3/4 of a row of Chips Ahoy cookies (~10-12 cookies I think) in about 5 minutes last week when I was sick and nothing else sounded good.

I confess that I'm starting to love rooting for Ohio State (my wife comes from a Buckeye family) and that it's refreshing to get on a winning bandwagon after two decades of football disenfranchisement at both the professional (Da Bears) and collegiate [the Fighting (haha) Illini] levels.

I confess that I purchased "Return to Me" on DVD simply because I needed a chick flick to round out my movie collection.

Is this enough? Can I stop now?

OK, I tag John Bambenek, the other Chris Lu, Ellyn and Zadok.

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Don't feel bad. I have "French Kiss" on DVD. And you can't tell me that you're not excited about the Bears, especially after their trouncing of the "best" team in the NFC!

I think it might just be too late for me. I can't get excited about the NFL anymore. Maybe if the McCaskey family ever relinquishes control, I could get into it again. Until I see a concerted effort at having a good solid team - not necessarily dominant or great, mind you, just strong - over a long period of time, no way.

That must sound funny coming from a Cubs' fan.

Anyway, I did catch part of the first half yesterday, and I was impressed by the defense.

I hear ya on #2: working with a former sailor who has just enough of a university education to be dangerous makes me swear more. :)

And when your grandfather is buried across the cemetery from a mob boss who was gunned down on his doorstep, you tend to have an enjoyment for those kind of morally suspect movies as well.

Thanks Nick, although I don't know how spiritually healthy it is to be confirmed in one's weaknesses.


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