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Sandro Magister on Pope Benedict's handling of the bishops.

ROMA, November 18, 2005 – The bishops have come to realize that every time they meet Benedict XVI, alone or as a group, they must be ready for anything: accolades, rebukes, surprises.

According to Magister, the Italians got "a collective accolade," the Austrians got "the riot act" and the Brazilians got a surprise:

The conference was already set for 2007, but the place and the exact date remained to be determined. The four bishops were prepared to hold it in Rome, in order to ensure the pope’s participation in the work.

But Benedict XVI said to them all of a sudden: “It will be held in Brazil,” and immediately asked what the country’s most venerated Marian shrine is. “The Aparecida,” they replied. And the pope: “In Brazil, at the Aparecida, in May. I’ll be there.”

Of course, nobody likes uninvited guests, but surely we can make an exception for the Pope?

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