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Our family has been passing some bug back and forth for about a week and a half now. It's the boy's turn now, and he's got it bad.

Thursday night he barely slept and was awake crying from about 5 AM to almost 6. Friday morning his temperature hit 103 (under the arm) before we got him in to see a doctor. It's a virus, they say, so instead of antibiotics they prescribed infant Ibuprofen, which has worked miracles so far, especially compared to the Tylenol - plus, it came with a cool syringe-type despenser instead of the standard rubber dropper.

It's horrible to see my little guy crying and have no ability to make it better. Here's hoping he's better tomorrow, I want my happy, crazy little ball of energy back.

Maybe you could say a little prayer to that end, please?

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Poor little guy! I'm praying for him. Give him a dab of holy water and a big hug for me.

God bless you,

Thank you, Jean, that's very sweet! He's feeling a ton better!


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