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Apparently I sounded a chord that resonated (for better or worse) amongst certain readers with my link to the article about pregnancy making you stupid. Reports have come in that a response was dictated, but the scribe charged with the task refused to publish it. In an attempt to balance things out, I bring you this article (from the Columbus newspaper, no less!), which argues the opposite.

Yet a new body of research — still involving mostly animals — is fueling the idea that parenthood might rewire the brain, making mothers (and involved fathers) more perceptive, efficient, competitive and even socially aware. And, according to sociological studies, most symptoms of "mommy brain" might be attributed as much to stress and exhaustion as to biology.

Comparing the brain of a non-mother to that of a mother is "like comparing a tree in the winter to one in full bloom in the spring, when it is much fuller and richer," said University of Richmond (Va.) neuroscientist Craig Kinsley, a leading researcher in the field.

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