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It looks like I'm a week behind bringing you the text of the Holy Father's weekly audiences.

Here is last week's, from November 2, a reflection on Psalm 111 (112).


Docility to God is, therefore, the root of hope and interior and exterior harmony. Observance of the moral law is the source of profound peace of conscience.

At the end of this address, while addressing members of the Italian Association of Large Families, the Holy Father made an appeal for help for large families.

"Your presence gives me the opportunity to recall the central character of the family, the fundamental cell of society and primary place of acceptance and service to life," the Holy Father told the parents, many of whom were accompanied by their children.

"In the present social context, family nuclei with many children are a testimony of faith, courage and optimism, as without children there is no future!" he exclaimed, prompting applause and smiles from those present.

"I hope that more social and legislative measures will be promoted in defense and support of the largest families, which constitute a richness and hope for the whole country," Benedict XVI concluded.

Here is this week's, from November 9, on Psalm 135 (136): 1-9.


The first visible sign of this divine charity -- says the Psalmist -- is to be sought in creation. Then history enters. The gaze, full of admiration and wonder, pauses first of all on creation: the heavens, the earth, the waters, the sun, the moon and the stars.

Even before discovering the God who reveals himself in the history of a people, there is a cosmic revelation, open to all, offered to the whole of humanity by the only Creator, "God of gods" and "Lord of lords" (cf. verses 2-3).

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