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We made it back from Columbus in well under 5 hours today. That's well over 300 miles in well under 300 minutes, with a stop to change drivers.

I credit the record time to a short-cut one of the truck drivers at work tught me around Indianapolis. 38th Street baby!

I also found out that one of Mama-Lu's cousins that I never met before reads this blog. Hi Stephanie! Check back for a link to pictures from the weekend!

Tons of email. I'll respond sloooowly.

8 AM tomorrow, I have a meeting. We'll see what happens!

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What's your Indianapolis shortcut? Does it work going in both directions? Ken and I go through there on our way to Maryland a couple times a year. Anything that saves time would be great!

thanks and good luck!
Andrea Esler

Hi Andrea!

It works both ways. Headed east on I-74, take I-465 north and get off on the first exit, 38th street. Take this 2-3 miles to I-65 south, and take that to I-70 east.

I-38th street is a six lane road, so even though you get off the interstate, it goes really fast. Also, you don't have to do a 3/4 lap around the whole city.


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