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The official theme song of this blog can be found here.

Hat-tip to Southern Appeal.

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I went out to DC a year and a half ago to visit the Eastern Province Dominicans, conveniently at the same time as their ordinations. The ordinandi desired that this piece be sung during the Offertory of the ordination Mass, so their brothers duly learned it, and did a splendid job singing it. The vocations director, though, had an interesting take on it, something to this effect: "So what they're trying to say is that they have advanced to ordination, carrying the bloodied bodies of their formators."

Mama-Lu had entertained using this in our wedding (she never mentioned it to me and I hadn't seen the movie yet anyway). Not to disparage "Holy God, We Praise Thy Name," but it would have been sah-weet! Oh, to have recessed to such a hymn!


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