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Even Ryno is selling out. "If you root for them, next year they'll root for you." Give me a break.

Go Astros.

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i'd just like to say, i agree wholeheartedly with you.....GO ASTROS!!!

I just would like to point out that I bleed silver and black, yet in 2003 I wished no ill will towards the Cubs. Unfortunately, all I hear from Cubbie fans nowadays is "Go Astros!" It's sad, really.

Maybe one day the Trib will care more about putting together a winning team than filling Wrigley. But that will probably never happen. GO SOX!!!!!

And I promise not to gloat too much when the Sox win in 6.....

i just want to point out, that i am NOT a cubs fan turned Astros. being from the great state of Texas, and the city of Houston, i have for my whole life cheered for the 'stros. I am so proud of biggio and baggy, and all the rest of the team. and i promise not to gloat when we win the next 4 least not too much. ;)

Hey Eric!


*wipes sweat from brow*

*swig of whskey*

*deep breath*

This year's Sox are a great team, and they deserve to win.

There I said it.

*passes out*

Ok, I promised not to gloat when the Sox won in 6, but I never said anything about not gloating when they won in 4 :)


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