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I haven't had time to sit down and type out a post for a while. I've been busy with one class that is moderately difficult and one that's easy but entails a TON of work. Add in CCD and, um, you know, being a husband and father with a full time job and there you go. I asked my boss if I could take a couple of hours per day to blog from work, but she didn't really go for that. Thanks a lot...

Anyway, for those of you interested, Mama-Lu is doing quite well. She did not get as sick with this baby as she got with Matthew. There was some sickness in the first trimester, but not nearly as bad and for not nearly as long. She's also doing quite well now, we conjecture that chasing a toddler around is good exercise.

Our due date is December 19th, which is seven weeks away. It looks we'll be having a late-Advent/early-Christmas baby. This also means that anybody who wants to see us for Christmas will have to come to us... WOO HAHAHAHA!

The boy is doing quite well (I added an actual pic over on the right sidebar, which I hope to be able to update regularly). People tend to ask, "What can he do?" As if we teach him tricks. Well, he "does" a lot, but most of it are things which i can't really explain.

The one thing I can explain which never fails to trip me out is that from about the 9 month period on he has loved dancing. And I mean dancing. Not rocking back and forth or stomping his feet; I mean baby-booty shaking, gettin' jiggy wit it DANCING. I don't think it's behavior we ever modeled for him, he's just got the music in him.

Also, when he gets hysterically happy, he likes to turn around in circles, often until he can't physically stand anymore. When he's this happy and there's music playing, watch out.

He's also quickly honing his tantrum-throwing skills. We can scarcely eat a meal without him pitching a fit, as his preferred meal-time seating arrangements - on Mama's lap or crawling around the table - are ones which we vehemently oppose.

Other than that he's growing, and playing and growing and playing. He learned how to make the smacking sound when he's giving a kiss, and he knows that when Mr. Roger's sings the ending song it's time to snap his fingers to show what a snappy new day he's going to make.

My next project is going to be scanning in our wedding pictures. Hopefully they'll scan well enough to put on Ophoto with our other pictures so those of you who attended or stood up can finally have pictures. :)

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hi chris! i finally found you. i was looking through all the "papa familias" and caught "papa-Lu". just saying hi!

hi again this time im using mary claire's adress i just love talking to you through comants. thats probably a habbit i should break...

Well hello! It's nice to have family come by!

Does your mother know you're wasting time reading my weblog?


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