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To John Bambenek, my cousin Eric, Griz, Anne and to the rest of the southside.

By the way, let me also say that I think hiring Ozzie was their best move of the past 100 years. He puts Dusty to shame, and I'm not a Dusty-hater either.

And just because I'm a north side jerk like that, I leave you with this quote from an NPR commentary by another Cub fan.

We Cub fans do tend to think of the White Sox as sort of the basebal equivalent of NASCAR--an inexplicable blue collar phenomenon that will surely pass as soon as our education system improves.
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Now, I'm not a true northsider, having been born in the suburbs and all, but I was born north of Chicago and the Cubs were thus my team, and my first love. However, I never had a problem with rooting for the Sox, probably because 1) I'm one of those unreliable suburbanites :) and 2) they were in a different league. I never worried about what would happen in a cross-town series, since the probability was so low, but I eventually decided that, should it ever happen, I would have to back the Cubs.

Now the real question is this: what lessons for building a winning team can the Cubs learn from Ozzie?

It's been a hard week for you cubs fans, hasn't it? I mean, it was your year!

Isn't it supposed to be their year every year? :)


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