Wishful Thinking


Nice try, Tom Roeser.

Let me be the first to make this statement: I think the Daley corruption in Chicago issue could wipe out the entire Democratic ticket next year -- and affect some national congressional races for the Democrats as well.

In principle, I agree with him. The Democrats should be going down in '06. The problem is that this state's Republican party is a mess. There's no unity, due to the fact that there' no real common cause. Yes, they can unite around Daley/Blagojevich hatred, but unless and until they can formulate a policy vision upon which suburbanites and down-staters alike can agree, their chances are thin.

What about the city? Well, who cares? Chicago Republicans are Democrats who want slightly lower taxes - a noble goal, but harldy one to excite most people south of I-80. Yes Tom, the Democrats are quickly losing respectability, but the state Republicans are in no position to capitalize.

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