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On my World Touth Day post below (way below), I linked to this speech delivered by the Pope to an Ecumenical Christian gathering in Germany.

That link takes you to the remarks which the Pope had prepared for the day. Well, Sandro Magister has the transcript of the speech he actually delivered. It is about twice as long as the original, and very interesting to read. The underlined portions of the transcript are where the Pope deviated from the prepared text.

According to Magister, the Pope often makes these "off the cuff" remarks when delivering prepared texts. I has heard about him doing this with regards to the Wednesday general audiences where he has been delivering speeches written by JP2, but this is the first time I've seen the full speeches with the ad-libs included.

What captivates me about this is how the Pope has such a deep respect for those with whom he meets that he tries as much as possible to speak to them from the heart. Not only do we have a genius Pope, but we have an authentic witness to Christ's charity.

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