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| | Comments (3), dedicated to keeping Marshall Field's from being renamed "Macy's."

Sad as I am to see it go, Chicagoans have to face economic realitites. People view Field's as a museum, which is all nice in terms of tradition, but they weren't spending money there.

Frankly, I'm not all that sure that the name change will do much good. I understand the economic concerns, but the last thing you want to do is bring a New York name to Chicago. If they're hoping for the Macy's prestige to impress Chicagoans, they are soooorely mistaken. We're our own people (even those of us who are transplanted); we can live with losing Field's, but adding insult to injury by replacing it with Macy's is not going to win hearts and wallets.

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I know I haven't been supporting Field's with my wallet (I think a lot of people with six kids are like us - considering Target a posh place to shop) but I guess I would like to keep Field's around as a museum for my memories. Girlhood shopping trips to the only Field's in Milwaukee with my mom and aunt, yearly train trips to visit the State Street store including the obligatory lunch at the Walnut Room, buying my wedding gown, taking our kids downtown to see the windows at Christmas... I guess it's the passage of time that is really tugging at my heart strings.

I enjoy your blog and visit often.
Wish I could say the same about MF now that it's changing to Macy's.
Sorry, I just see it as the homogenisation (is that even a word?) of America.
7-11, McDonald's, and now Marshall Fields?
I won't be back. I'll be traipsing two doors down to Carson Pirie Scott.

Ellyn, we have ONE kid, and a trip to target is almost a vacation...

Hi Cathy, thanks for commenting! I don't think I'll ever shop at Macy's, either. I just think this is the first, inevitable step towards that beloved building becoming something else besides a department store.

Changing the name is an attenmpt to make more money, and I think it will precisely backfire,


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