21.09.05 General Audience


Here is the Zenit English translation of the address delivered by Pope Benedict XVI at the weekly general audience held this past Wednesday.

An excerpt:

The second part of Psalm 131(132) has just resounded. It is a song that evokes an important event in the history of Israel: the transfer of the Ark of the Covenant to the city of Jerusalem.

David was the author of this transfer, as is testified by the first part of the psalm which we have already commented. The king had already made his oath to not install himself in the royal palace until he had found a proper place for the ark of God, the sign of the Lord's presence among his people (cfr. vv. 3-5).

Now God himself responds to the vow made by the king, "The Lord swore an oath to David, a pledge never to be broken" (v. 11). This solemn promise is substantially the same that the prophet Nathan had already made in God's name regarding the David's future descendants, destined to stable reign (see 2 Samuel 7:8-16).

The divine oath implies human commitment, in such a way that it is conditioned by an "if"; "If your sons observe my covenant, the laws I shall teach them" (v. 12). To God's promise and gift, which has nothing magical about it, there must be a response of faithful and active adherence on the part of man in a dialogue that weaves two freedoms, the divine and human.

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