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With apologies to Poleguy, I point you to the last item on today's Best of the Web Today:

Red Card Our item yesterday on metric football prompted this reply from reader Eddie Staples:
While I certainly sympathize with your attitude toward this "sport" implicit in the name you give it, I think the appropriate disdain can only be shown by calling it what it really is: communist football. Consider:
  • No one understands the rules.

  • Workers are prohibited from using the tools that would let them be more productive (hands).

  • From time to time petty bureaucrats (officials) interfere with play in such a way as to limit production.

  • Players, coaches, officials and fans are all fully involved (employed) and yet output is miniscule.

  • Any production is met by celebration all out of proportion to its objective value.

  • Followers are slavishly (religiously?) devoted to the system and their own brand of it and resort to violence at any criticism of either.

Good points all, but "communist" and "metric" turn out to be inextricably linked. The Soviet Union used the metric system, and Cuba, North Korea, Red China and Vietnam still do.

I know many people find some enjoyment in this sport, but I never, ever have.

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FYI, We just finished our last season, and I will be taking a season off to let my ankle heal. I do agree with point one. Even on our team some people don't understand the rules... it's frustrating. Especially offsides. I won't comment on the other items here.


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