Protestant critiques Catholic Church; Catholics don't like it


So what's the problem?

I've seen some bloggers come down very hard on this World Net Daily piece.

Frankly, I don't understand the fuss. How else would they expect a tried and true Protestant to view the Catholic Church? Given, he does make errors, some factual, some theological. But really, why fuss because a Protestant sees things wrong with our Church, and why on earth accuse World Net Daily of being anti-Catholic because of it? Now, World Net Daily may very well be anti-Catholic, but this article is hardly proof, especially when the article is the first in a series critiquing all of the big denominations.

If anything, this article could be a useful tool for Catholics. For one thing, some of his criticisms are valid, and are things the Church locally and more broadly needs to work on. Second, it's good to be aware what kind of misconceptions are broadly held; knowing what others really think of us can only will help us evangelize better.

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