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If you have the stomach, you can also check out this roundtable which followed the Santorum interview, where Gordon and three others rip into Santorum. They speak glowingly of Affirmative Action without giving an actual argument as to why it's good or why it works. Then one of them says the "real core issue" with homosexuality is the fact that Santorum has a gay staffer, implying that this somehow contradicts his belief in separating the sin from the sinner (which the commentator describes as "what the Bible says"). Another suggests that coaches, high school principals and heads of housing projects can take the place of having a father in the home. The team they assembled to debunk Santorum only makes him sound 20 times better.

I've heard some good roundtables on NPR, but this one is ridiculous. After firing wildly at Santorum, they find the courage to take a stand against media bias - bias by south Florida's media against Fidel Castro! Gordon is surprised we haven't reached out to Cuba to make any politcal, economic or social gains. I'm not generally one who loves power politics, but at the same time I find it strange to be surprised that the world's greatest superpower doesn't feel a great need to reach out to a tiny speck of a Communist dictatorship in the Carribean.

The last several minutes of the round-table are kind of interesting as they discuss a co-founder of an LA street gang (the Crips - whose illustrious member-list includes Snoop Doggy Dogg, among others) and a convicted murderer. Apparently, he's had some sort of nice-guy conversion while behind bars and has been writing and working for keeping kids out of gangs. A movie on his life was made (starring Jaime Foxx). He recently received the President's "Call to Service" award.

Well, he's also on death row, and his appeal is scheduled to come before the Supreme Court. It creates a bit of a conflict of interest for our death penalty-loving president.

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