Lee Iacocca and Stem Cells

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For any of my under 25 readers, he's the old guy that those new Chrysler commercials seem to imply you should recognize. He was the very visible and well-known head of Chrysler in the 80s (maybe the early 90s, too?).

Well, I really don't care about any of that, and you don't have to either. What I want you to know is that Lee Iacocca is determined to find a cure for diabetes, and has put up $1,000,000 to fund promising non-embryonic stem-cell research. He's asking America to pitch in the other $10 million needed to run a clinical trial.

"Last year, Dr. Denise Faustman, one of the researchers the Iacocca Foundation has supported for over a decade cured type I diabetes in mice. I'm not going to wait for the government or the pharmaceutical industry to decide to get the human trials going. We need $11 million for these clinical trials now. I've given the first million and I'm asking the American people to get behind me and give the rest. Click the 'donate now' icon above to help!"

The Iacocca Foundation's mission statement:

The Iacocca Foundation was founded in 1984 by Lee Iacocca in memory of his late wife, Mary K. Iacocca, who died of diabetic complications in 1983. Our primary purpose is to fund innovative and promising diabetes research programs and projects that will lead to a cure for the disease and alleviate complications caused by it.

If you want to ethically contribute to finding a cure for diabetes, this looks like the place to do it.

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Bravo, Lido!

Make sure to buy his margarine, too--Olivio. It's made with olive oil, and it's the best stuff we've found. The proceeds also go to the Foundation.

Never heard of it, I hope they sell it in central Illinois...


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