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GOLD HILL, Ore. - A 15-year-old boy who pinched and twisted the nipples of a 13-year-old has been sentenced to three days of community service for harassment.

David Thumler, 15, said the "titty-twister" was just horseplay. The mother of 13-year-old Matthew Cox counters that the incident was humiliating for her son, who saw it as an assault from an older, bigger bully.

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Whoever has received one of those knows they're not just horseplay - especially two at the same time! =)

I believe the mother from the information that I have in this article. Bullies need stopped and they can't blame it on horseplay like men used to blame patting their female co-worker's behinds as "just being friendly".

Times change and bullies are being watched.


Next time I see you I'm giving you a triple for this.

Astralis, I agree.

John, you're a bully, and if you don't leave me alone, Astraslis is gonna sack you.


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