Frank Robinson: Void all Palmeiro's stats

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Mwoo-hahaha. We just need more and more folks to step up and say it.

I think a two-fold solution is needed. The first part would be the voiding of stats. The second would be to dictate that no player found using steroids could make more than the league minimum for 5 years. It would never happen, but if there were a way to do it, it would work.

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The problem is that Palmeiro's statistics don't exist in a vaccuum.

If you void all his RBIs, do you then adjust the ERAs of all the opposing pitchers off of whom he got those RBIs. Do you adjust the number of runs scored of all the players he knocked in? Do you adjust the RBIs of all the players who knocked in Palmeiro after he got a base hit?

Do the Rangers and Orioles forfeit all the games in which Palmeiro had an effect on the outcome?

In that sense, what's done is done. However, for the sake of Hall of Fame considerations, the statistics should be at least partially voided.


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