Fetal pain study

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You may have heard recently that there was a study that determined - in the face of many contradictory studies - that the unborn do not feel pain until the third trimester.

It turns out that the study was authored by pro-abortion activists. One is a former NARAL employee currently in med school (heaven help us), another is a director of an abortion clinic in San Francisco who is also a staff member of an abortion advocacy group.

Funny how the mainstream press misses on those sorts of thing. Here are three stories on the study (1, 2, 3), and not one mentions the activist history of its authors.

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David and I were watching a bit of headline news last night. We couldn't hear what they were saying (busy, crowded restaurant) but on the screen, they listed that the authors all had ties to the abortion industry.

This story was out on Tuesday, so I'd be interested to know if their initial reports contained that info.


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