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The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has a great piece by Katherine Kersten on a Catholic family in Minnesota with 9 children. It's probably the most sympathetic treatment of a large family I've seen by the media in recent years.

A taste:

Walking into the Reinhardts' modest home, you'd expect to see a harried mother, a father desperate to escape to a TV baseball game, and a living room without an uncluttered square inch. But on a recent visit, I was welcomed into a spotless kitchen by relaxed and smiling parents, and a passel of helpful, polite kids.

I listened with amazement as the older girls described the family's recent 30-hour drive home from Zion National Park in a 15-passenger van. I had visions of mortal combat over an iPod, Oreo debris everywhere, and parents ready for the insane asylum. But 11-year old Liz bubbled: "We had fun the whole way, playing in the back seat, talking and having contests. I love being in a big family."

Jim and Nadine Reinhardt don't have advanced degrees in Parenting Studies. They've just got a few good ideas about what makes for family happiness -- ideas our culture has largely forgotten

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Not surprising since she is one of the best writers they have, except perhaps Lileks. She has written some very solid articles including one on Dale Alquist founder of Chesterton magazine.

I remember that piece. I didn't make that connection. Thanks, Jeff!

Good article. It did give me a slight twinge of melancholy when she mentioned them being without a diapered child for the first time in about two decades. That is a hard change (no pun intended) to make. I think that's why I tote a large purse - diaper bag mentality dontcha know!


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