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World Health Organization (hardly part of the vast right-wing conspiracy) declares that some oral contraceptives are carcinogenic.

UPDATE: Genevieve Kineke points out that even after admitting the pill causes cancer, the World Health Organization is still encouraging pill use.

This is big news, and I've heard very little about it in the blogosphere. I don't understand!

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Oral Contraceptives have caused cancer since day one. They have since then lowered the dosages so it's not so noticeable. But this has never stopped people from pushing them. This isn't news to me. Basically the reason this isn't news is that I know people who push contraceptives are not concerned about the health of women or the value of their children's human life.

The fact that OCs cause cancer is not news to me, either. But the fact that the World Health Organization is admitting it is big news. The anti-natal industry can smear you, me, the Vatican, and anybody else who makes this claim as being "anti-choice." But they can't exactly do that with the WHO.


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