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Feddie has discovered bloglines. So has Danielle Bean.

I of course, have been using bloglines for months. I cannot tell you how great of a FREE service this is.

Some of the great features are:

  • You can organize your subscriptions into groups. I have about 10 groups, and I can click on the name of a group to see all of the most recent posts from blogs in that group, or I can click on just the name of a specific blog to see what's new on that site alone.

  • It's not just for reading blogs. I get comic strips, news, on-line journal articles and links to NPR audio, too.

  • If I see something that I don't have time to read or that I read and want to maybe blog later on, I can click a box to keep that post new.

Using bloglines has let me cut down the amount of time I spent flipping through blogs by about 75%.

The only down side is that some blogs don't have RSS feeds activated for their blogs. Yes, I'm talking to you Dale, and Ellyn, and everybody at The Thing Is.

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Err, um...

I'm a techno-illiterate. How does one get and activate an RSS feed?


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