Worse and worse


This headline from Lifesite News gets more and more horrifying as you read it, until the end, when it sorta unfortunately makes sense.

'Ordained' Woman...

is Pro-Abortion...

Religion Professor...

at Catholic University...
Stop! Stop! Pleeeeeaaase!

of San Diego...
Oh. Surprise, surprise.

NPR has this audio report on the play-date.

Some gems (emphasis mine):

NPR: "Some would say that you are leaving the Catholic Church." Non-Priestess #1: "Yes, I think that some of the bishops and the message that we get from the Vatican is that we are excommunicating ourselves, and I just want to answer I don't ever remember doing that."


The eight Americans and a Canandian walk single-file to the river. They are led by three women in tie-dyed red silk robes - these are the bishops.


The boat is symbolic of early Christian symbolism. Also, they couldn't find a Church to host them...


The liturgy is alternative...


[Just-ordained Non-priestess #2] looks drained, currently eating the rest of the bread in her Eucharist bowl.

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