Why? Why? Why?


What is the motivation for running through narrow streets chased by angry animals with large horns?

Does anybody think this guy isn't regretting his decision?why.jpg

What about this fellow? Surely he had greater aspirations for his trip to Pamplona than this?uhohspaghettios.jpg

Speaking of aspirations, I understand many make the trip to prove their mettle. Yes, well, let's ask these fellows how important showing their noble quality is right at this moment:
Please note the particularly undignified posture of the fellow hiding on the ground behind the post. "Yeah, let's go running with the bulls! It'll be loads of fun!"

I think this one speaks for itself, although I wil add that there's nothing quote like hearing a click and seeing a flash of a camera two feet away while your face is getting gored by a pissed off bull.

Now here's a man I can sympathize with:
This guy didn't have a meeting with the business end of a bull. No, he had a nasty run-in with the authorities, receiving a beat-down for trying to run through the streets drunk. Those mean Spanish cops think maybe drunkards lack the judgment required to play tag with enraged cattle.

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