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This week, The Word From Rome includes the Pallium-ation, interviews with Archbishops Gregory and Fiorenza, JPtG's process, a very encouraging-sounding seminar on hermeneutics, the Compendium and the new book by the Pope before he was Pope.

The most interesting part though, was this passage about the Pope not limiting his ecumenical outreach to words.

Even Benedict XVI's body language bespoke ecumenical concern.

During the entrance procession at the beginning of the June 29 Mass, Benedict walked straight up the central aisle of St. Peter's Basilica. He made a point, however, of walking over to Metropolitan Johannes, who was leading the delegation from Constantinople, and shaking hands.

Later, when the Mass had ended and Benedict walked down under the main altar to pray briefly before the remains of St. Peter, he was positioned by papal liturgist Archbishop Piero Marini with Johannes behind him. Benedict shuffled to the side and motioned to Johannes to join him, and the two stood side by side.

I am reminded of Pope Benedict's words in Bari that "Concrete gestures are required that will penetrate spirits and stir consciences, inviting each one to that interior conversion that is the premise of all progress on the path of ecumenism."

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