Two more from "Feminine Genius"

  1. Marxist roots of feminism
    For those interested in the Marxist underpinnings of feminism, this article helps to connect the dots, though it is ponderous and difficult. Suffice to to say that feminism is best understood as the last step of the dialectic, though they seldom reveal this dimension of their strategy to the public at-large. Remember, the proletariat (producers) were to attack those who owned the means of production to create the workers paradise? Well, after that, there was another stage in which the women (re-producers) were to attack the men (who controlled the means of re-production) in order to bring about an androgynous society without sexual inhibitions. That's the part of the struggle we're "enjoying" now. Without understanding the philosophy, it's hard to get a real handle on what radical feminists want. It also explains their blind eye towards leftist dictatorships (which often harbor total sexual liberty, abortion, etc.) and fierceness towards right-wing dictatorships (which often maintain traditional male-female differences).

  2. Fatherless America

    Genevieve Kineke points us to this column by Phyllis Schafly which, Kineke comments, "is right on target about why government programs are working at cross-purposes with the needs of children, whose fathers are nudged out of the picture for the sake of added welfare benefits."

    An excerpt from the article:

    The states have powerful incentives to separate fathers from their children, to give near-total custody to mothers, to maintain the fathers' high-level support obligations even if their income is drastically reduced, and to hang onto the father's payments as long as possible before paying them out to the mothers. The General Accounting Office reported that in 2002 states were holding $657 million in UDC (Undistributed Child Support).

    Incidentally, my dear Illinois residents, our illustrious governor just raided the state's child support fund of $1.1 million to support their budget. Thanks, Rod!

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