So much for serial monogamy


UK Observer: Now sex with other people doesn't mean you're unfaithful

When Ali Sheik met Tori Coxon they knew that they had something. Ali, 33, from south London, and Tori, 27, from north London, hit it off straight away and within a month were seeing each other four or five times a week.

It looked like the perfect relationship apart from one snag - the couple carried on 'seeing' other people for six months into the relationship.

'That is how it is these days,' said Ali, who thinks it is 'unusual' for people to decide they want monogamy within a few weeks. He said that up to the end of the year he had casual encounters with other women and Tori was fine about it....

New research has revealed that Ali and Tori are not alone. 'The Infidelity Report' carried out by the Consumer Analysis Group to mark the launch of the film Closer on DVD, revealed that one-third of people think people were made to stray, over three-quarters consider infidelity more common than ever and nearly as many find it increasingly acceptable.

Nearly a third of over 1,000 respondents didn't consider infidelity in a short-term relationship as 'being unfaithful' - a mindset that has been imported from the New York dating scene. There it is becoming more normal to try out multiple partners - sometimes at the same time - before settling on one.

So much for the Enlightenment. The supremacy of human reasoning seems to be losing out to the basest animal impulses. Is it any wonder that somewhere between a quarter and a third of my age cohort have already had an STD in their lives?

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