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Danielle Bean recently emptied her diaper bag. She lists the many contents, and reveals that she found neither diapers nor wipes.

Recently, Mama-Lu asked me to pack the diaper bag. Silly me, I placed a diaper and some wipes into the bag and thought I was done. We got to our destination, only to find that I had neglected to add snacks and disposable bibs.

What, I ask, do snacks and bibs have to do with diapers?

Other regular contents of the "diaper bag" include a change of clothes for the boy, toys, maybe a book.

Wouldn't a more honest term for such a container be a "bag of baby junk."

Yet it does not stop there, for other regular or occasional contents of the "diaper bag" include my wife's wallet, her keys, our cell phone, shopping lists, altoids and aspirin.

Wouldn't a more honest term, then, be a "purse?"

Furthermore, does it not seem to any other men out there that the "diaper bag" is an insidious plot to get men to carry purses in the interests of "the children?"

I demand an investigation.

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Its an even exchange. The wife carries the baby for 9 months. The husband carries the diaper bag.
'Nuff said :)

And really, why shouldn't we men get to carry a purse? Like we only need the stuff that we can fit into our pockets? Currently, I've got a backpack, but once you grow up it's supposed to be called a "briefcase" to be properly manly.


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