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I am curently in a computer lab for my tax class, and up until three minutes ago, I was working on a lab that is a pain in the a** and which I have already started twice before. The first time, I forgot to save my work to a disk, and they wipe these computers clean every week. Last week, I was working and had to install updates (since they wipe these computers clean every week, we have to reinstall updates every time we use these computers). During the installation process, the computer went nutso on me and I lost all of the work I'd done. This was ten minutes before the lab closed. So here I am, giving it try number 3.

So why am I happy? Because my teacher just came in to notify me that I have a high enough grade in this class that not only can I skip the final test and take-home test, but I don't have to turn in the rest of this lab.

My semester is officially over!

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Yay!!! :)

That must be such a relief. I remember when Aero senior design was over-- I cried buckets of joy... :)


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