Sounds like a case for the Sacristan Drop Squad

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It was a security detail's nightmare, and with Benedict XVI's first days as pope spiced up with seemingly fearless forays into the public, it could be a recurring one.

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If O.L. Fatima isn't watching out for Pope Benedict, like she was watching out for JPII in 1981, then maybe they have something to be concerned about. Otherwise, I think the Pope's health is in pretty good hands. I mean, come on, all the early Popes were martyred, so what's really at stake here, the life of one Pope or the souls of the faithful?

I know, I'm not one to advocate playing fast and loose with anybody's life, but it seems to me that a shepherd interesting in personally greeting the faithful is a great thing.

Totally agree. Pope should be more concerned with Poping and with the faith of his flock than with his own life.

Of course, that doesn't stop *us* from being concerned with his life and praying for him every day! :D


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