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From this poorly written and reasoned letter, emphasis added:

Despite being a liberal, even I know that our great Church is one composed of many races and creeds that have been taught to believe that we were created by God in God's image, equally.

Many creeds???

Maybe he means The Apostle's, the Nicaean Creed, the Athanasian...

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In his defense, you have to admit that the portion of the letter he is responding to is a really asinine comment. Surely there are liberal Catholics that differ with portions of docterine that don't condone abortion, for example. Since I didn't read the rest of the original letter, I can't say if this comment was justified in any way, but I would suspect not. Keep in mind too, that Fredericksburg is part of the South that thinks the War Between the States is in a state of temporary cease-fire. (Full disclosure: One of my friends from High School -- which, by the way, didn't make the MSNBC list -- writes for the Free Lance Star). So the race thing is a bit inflamatory in that region of the country, which is what I thought he was responding to.

Hello Brandon,

That's a good point, and perhaps I should have read it closer before commenting. The original comment was not much more than what was quoted and was a pretty cheap swipe at "liberal Catholics," a term which was misused. One can have a liberal outlook without undermining the Church.

That said, the letter that I blogged was a cheap swipe in and of itself. Race may be a hot-button issue, but pulling the race card where it's not warranted (which I don't think it was ehre) doesn't help. Of course, the original commenter brought it on himself with his sarcasm.

Anyway, I still thik the the "creeds" comment is extremely ironic given the nature of the Church.

Now that noone is going to read this far down the blog, I'm done with my final final and can reply (yes, 11 years later I've finished my last College class... now if I can just write a thesis...). You're right, the race button was uncalled for (but living in the midwest doesn't give you the proper understanding of places line Fredericksburg, Va), and the use of the word creed was a poor choice.



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