Peruvian Church takes on violence against children


Some frightening figures:

Figures issued by the National Family Welfare Institute with regard to violence against children due to terrorism in recent years particularly in the regions and Ayacucho the Lower Forest are frightening: 1.200 children killed, 12.000 mutilated, 30.000 orphans and an undetermined number of children suffering from varying degrees of psychological trauma. What is more from 2002 to April 2005 16,882 children and adolescents were not only victims of social and political violence they were also maltreated regularly or sporadically in the family or by outsiders in the following age groups: 15.39% were children under 5; 33.85% between 6 and 11 years; 50.76% between 12 and 17 years (government sources -PNCVFS -
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