Peoria Ordinations this Saturday!

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Tomorrow, Bishop Daniel Jenky CSC will ordain four men to the priesthood.

Here is a profile of the about-to-be-ordained from the Catholic Post,

Also, here is a piece on one of them from The Peoria Journal-Star. Deacon Dodd is a 60 year old widower and grandfather who is about to become a priest of the Roman Catholic Church. What a fascinating story and witness to the marvels of both the priestly and married vocations!

Of special interest is that two of the ordinandi are friends of mine from the U of I Newman Center.

Five years ago the three of us stood in a parking lot sharing a smoke (well, Tony and I were, I don't remember about Mike) in the parking lot of a small Church in Pesotum, IL where a retreat was taking palce. Tony and Mike were attending the retreat, while I had dropped by to "visit."

I had met Tony a few weeks earlier, and we had discovered that we were both considering the priesthood; I didn't really know Mike, but had been told by his cousin that he was thinking about the priesthood as well; and on this retreat, Tony had met Mike and had discussed the same subject. So there the three of us were, talking about the possibility of being in the seminary the next year. I remember so clearly: Tony took a drag off his cigarette, then extended his three fingers - thumb towards himself and first two fingers towards and Mike and I - and posed the question: "So, what do you think, three at the Mount next year?" referring to Mout St. Mary's seminary in Emmitsburg where Peoria sneds many of their seminarians.

Obviously, God had different plans for me, but it brings a smile to my face and warms my heart to know that they are now receiving their Orders, that as my Vocation to the married life was sacramentally sealed nearly two years ago, so now is their Vocation to the holy priesthood.

Congratulations to these men and thanks be to God for the gift of the priesthood!

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