Newsweek downplays college sex scene

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Not for kids.

From Newsweek/MSNBC: I am Not Charlotte Simmons.

First they try to talk down the notion that sex is rampant on college campuses:

According to Laumann, a recent survey of predominately heterosexual single students at a midwestern college found that while 25 percent of males and 16.6 percent of females reported more than five sexual partners in the last year, nearly 50 percent of both men and women reported one or none.

Got that? "Only" one in four college guys and "only" one in six college gals are whoring around. Isn't that great!

Then they then admit that many students don't consider oral sex to really be sex, so they are more likely to engage in oral sex and then less likely to count themselves as having had sex in the survey.

“But I think sex is something people would associate with commitment, while . Sex is a bigger deal, it means more. People are less likely to just throw it around.”

The unspoken corrolary: they are more likely to throw oral sex around.

Is that really supposed to help parents sleep better at night after they send their kids off to school?

By the way, I just finished reading Mary Eberhardt's Home Alone America (An excellent book. I very highly douple-plus recommend it), and she points out that the HPV virus can be transferred through oral (and contracepted) sex. As a result of the "throwing around" of oral (and contracepted) sex, HPV rates are currently skyrocketing, putting more and more young women at risk of sterility and cancer.

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What you didn't mention (now that I had time to follow your link) is that they mention that pregancy and STD's are two concerns, and that pregancy is a higher concern... This means that people are more concerned about having a child than living with (dying from?) AIDS. I guess that fits with HMO's viewing pregancy as a "pre-existing condition". What a messed up world when someone would be more frightened of a baby than a life-threatening (life-ending) disease.

The book Return to Modesty discusses the "hook-up" culture of college... It contrasts it with a traditional stable, committed relationship. I'd recommend that book highly as well. I haven't read Home Alone America; Katie read parts of it and said that having worked in a day care center, none of it was too surprising to her.

We have Return to Modesty, I haven't read it yet, but Jenny's a fan. The best thing about Home Alone America is that it brings together the case against separation from so many different angles, and also makes the point that one individual family may come out OK with separation, but that the cumulative effect of so many children not having their parents around is devastating.

I think it says a lot about the plain confusion of our nation's youth (yes, college students are youth) that they can be so concerned about pregnancy, but still engage in the act which has as its very purpose conception.

It also beings to mind the adage about Satan standing the truth on its head to get people to call evil good and good evil.

The three traditional purposes of sex as understood by Catholic moral teaching: love, procreation and remedy for concupiscence.

Current predominant practice of sex: unleashing one's concupiscence in a loveless relationship, doing everything one can to prevent procreation.


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