"Lashing out" with a "hard line"

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I know journalists have to make a buck, but this is ridiculous.

"Cardinal takes hard line against Giuliani honor"

First paragraph:

Cardinal William Keeler of Baltimore has lashed out at a Catholic college for honoring Rudy Giuliani, a major stand by a veteran church leader against Catholic politicians who advocate abortion rights and a possible sign of trouble for Giuliani's political future.

Actual text of the letter:

Dear Doctor Haddad,

It has just come to my attention that graduation day at Loyola College in Maryland will be held on Friday, May 20.

This letter is written in confirmation of an earlier exchange of correspondence in which you state the reasons for inviting former Mayor Rudy Giuliani to receive recognition at Loyola's graduation.

May I state that there will be no representative of the Archdiocese participating in any event honoring former Mayor Giuliani.

I am confident that, by now, you understand many of the consequences that spring from an invitation having been extended to former Mayor Giuliani to receive an honorary degree at Loyola.

May the Lord make of this event a teaching moment for many.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Cardinal William H. Keeler

Archbishop of Baltimore

Oh me oh my, what a vicious thrashing our dear Cardinal has delivered! I sure hope Dr. Haddad doesn't need therapy after this brutal assault!

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