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Especially if you're squeamish...

Episiotomies May Bring More Risks.

CHICAGO - For years, some doctors believed that an episiotomy, an incision to enlarge the vaginal opening during childbirth, would prevent spontaneous tearing that would be harder to repair. They also believed the procedure would help women avoid incontinence and improve their sex lives.

It turns out those beliefs were myths.

A new review of 26 research studies shows that episiotomies are linked with a higher risk of injury, more trouble healing and more pain.

Episiotomies also had no effect on incontinence, pelvic floor strength or sexual function. Women who had the procedure waited longer to resume sex after childbirth. And their first post-birth intercourse caused them more pain.
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... Especially because there's no real problem with tearing when the woman isn't strapped down to a table with stirrups and is allowed to be in different positions than flat on her back. Katie only tore a tiny bit with Alexander, and she said that she could tell that the tub she was in wasn't letting her spread her legs enough. So for Dominic we got a large inflatable wading pool and she didn't tear at all. As an added bonus, Alexander had a lot of fun playing in the pool with her in the last stages of labor.

Episiotomies are man's attempts to fix something that wasn't broke until we messed it up in the first place.

I'd like to comment, but I'm hoping Mama-Lu will share her opinion first.


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