EPPC shows Witness to Hope and sponsors conference on George Wiegel's new book

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The Ethics and Public Policy Center last month sponsored a free showing of Witness to Hope (an excellent documentary based on George Wiegel's book).

"The documentary was preceded by remarks from Radek Sikorski and Michael Novak, both of the American Enterprise Institute. Mr. Sikorski, a Polish political refugee in the 1980s, was later Poland's Deputy Minister of Defense (1992), Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (1998-2001), and the secretary of foreign affairs of the Polish Solidarity Party (1999-2002)."

An audio file of those remarks can be found at the bottom of this page.

Also, next month the EPPC will host a conference on The Cube and the Cathedral, Gerge Wiegel's new book. Mr. Wiegel himself will be speaking at the event as will the WaPo's Anne Applebaum. If they have any audio or video from the event, I'll post it.

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I saw Raymond Arroyo's interview with George Wiegel on EWTN the other night, and this new book of his sounds really good. I'm liking what I've been reading of A Witness to Hope (especially because he uses words like "opprobrium"-- keeps my dictionary close by)-- I might get this new book of his.

And as a sidenote, yes, yes, I know, Chris-- I dramatically late in my reading of your blog... :/ Trying to catch up... :/

Hi Lisa!

You chose a good time to catch up, posting has been somewhat light on account of... stuff...


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