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You could live in Canada. Here's two reasons to be glad you don't


VANCOUVER, May 18, 2005 ( - Despite its near universality following the 1960’s, there are, apparently, still those for whom the total sex-saturation of modern culture – including all its recently legalized perversions – is insufficient. Now adds British Columbia’s Sex Party to its bulging "Weird Canada" files. The Sex Party declares their goal as the development of "a sex-positive culture."

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Apparently, it's some kind of joke party. I know, hilarious! Get it?! Teach our kids to screw away their souls before they're 17! Aaahahaha.

It might be a bit funnier if they're "joke" political agenda weren't pretty much the same as Planned Barenhood's.

The article has two great quotes from Canadian columnist David Warren:

On builidng a "sex-positive culture:
"Now there’s one for the department of redundancy department. Did I miss something? Haven’t we already got one of those?"

"Here’s a novel idea, why don’t we start a party for moral people and call it the 'Married-People-Making-Babies-to-Save-the-Canada-Pension Party?' Now that might be of some practical use."

Man convicted and fined $17,500 for being blunt.

SASKATOON, SK, May 18, 2005 ( – A Saskatchewan man has been charged and ordered to pay $17,500 in damages to several homosexuals as a result of a flyer he distributed in Regina, containing warnings against the dangers of a homosexual lifestyle that a human rights tribunal ruled was “hate speech.”

Granted, I don't think the flier was destined to be particularly effective featuring warnings such as: "if we do not say no to the sodomite desire to socialize your children into accepting something that is clearly wrong." The fact remains that he is right, and abrasive though he may be, he is clearly being persecuted for speaking what he believes and what is clearly taught in Christian scriptures.

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